Encrypted bills allow hotel payments and real estate transactions

Foooby Group Expands Use of Cryptographic Money to Popularize Blockchain…You can pay for coffee in Korea.

Encrypted bills allow hotel payments and real estate transactions

Payment by PCI in the coffee house of Huobi blockchain
[Datanet] The payment of hotels and real estate was made possible through cryptocurrency.

Huobi Korea said Thursday that the Huobi Group is making efforts to revitalize the real economy of cryptocurrency through various business agreements.

Huobi Group on Wednesday formed a partnership with Dubai-based real estate agency “Fam Properties” to allow real estate investors to pay in cryptocurrency. Through the partnership, Pam Property will add an option to encode real estate transactions.

Huobi OTC (Huobi OTC) obtained permission to deal with Dubai’s multi-product center, which oversees the trading of goods, allowing real estate transactions through cryptocurrency currencies to take place legally. It will also exchange cryptocurrency for legal currency and provide liquidity for cryptocurrency.

Pam Property expected that the addition of a means of payment for cryptocurrency with high general purpose will expand investment in UAE property and boost the real estate market.

On the 8th, Huobi Group also formed a partnership with 닷, a hotel reservation platform that allows customers to book hotels with cryptocurrency. Huobi Token (HT) can be used as a means of payment when making reservations and payments at 90,000 hotels in 230 countries.

In addition, the Huobi Global Community also offers exclusive benefits that are discounted by up to 40 percent when making reservations at Trabala.com.

“The agreement will allow HT holders, who are a major member of the Huobi ecosystem, to use the world’s accommodations through HT,” said Ciara Sun, a senior aide to Huobi Group. “We will expand the use of cryptocurrency through a popular platform and push for real economicization.”

Meanwhile, Huobi Korea signed a business agreement last year with Danal, a company specializing in integrated settlement business, for mutual cooperation in blockchain-based projects. Under a partnership that calls for developing and fostering services for the popularization of blockchain, the two companies are currently jointly operating the Huobi blockchain coffee house, which allows PCI payments out of cryptocurrency.