Investment trust in cryptocurrency has been revived. The native coin-reporting song “pick and tickle” at the march.

Investment trust in cryptocurrency has been revived. The native coin-reporting song "pick and tickle" at the march.

Icon, 500% jump in a month
It’s like we’re being funded by the recognition of our safety assets.
Some say there’s no real service, “temporary”

Cryptographic money developed by Korea’s blockchain startup (Start-up Companies) has continued its upward trend by rapidly changing its linked price recently. There are also cautious expectations that investment sentiment for cryptocurrency may be revived, with the emergence of indigenous cryptocurrency, whose prices have increased by up to six times compared to the beginning of this year.

■Continue reporting of native cryptocurrency bills

According to UPBIT on the 9th, Icon was traded at 800 won level on the 4th. Up until early January this year, the price of icons traded at around 130 won soared by more than 500 percent in a month. It is the first time since October 2018 that an icon was traded at 800 won level in Umbitt.

Icon has continued to rise steadily for more than 10 days since April 20. In particular, as of April 29, Icon’s prices jumped more than 10 percent every day, drawing attention from industries. On the same day, Icon Loaf, an icon developer, first introduced non-jimmy, a visiting card service that utilizes its own blockchain-based ID technology.

Other native cryptocurrency currencies such as TTC, Argo and Carrie protocols have also been on the rise since the beginning of the year. TTC, which traded at 27 won early last month, soared to 46 won per unit on Thursday, with prices soaring nearly 70 percent in a month. TTC has recently been active in releasing cryptocurrency wallet applications and introducing open source of financial services.

Argo and Carrie protocols saw their prices rise 70 percent and 66 percent, respectively, compared to the beginning of the year. In addition, other indigenous cryptocurrency such as Movie Block, Content Proto Colton and Mediblock are also trading at at least 30 percent higher during the same period.

“We are currently preparing for a closed-door trial (Claude Beta) test with a plan to release a caritoneous compensation service based on data collection as early as March,” said Carrie. “Right now, a listing of the cryptocurrency exchange (BiKi) is scheduled on the 11th.”

■ “In order to increase tax, actual service is provided”

Industry sources say that the fact that bitcoin is considered a digital safety asset in the face of an international crisis caused by the new Korona virus has affected the price increase of major cryptocurrency currencies in Korea. In addition, expectations for the commercialization of blockchain-based financial services have been positive, with total deposits of blockchain-based financial services surpassing 1 trillion won recently.

“In a situation where funds such as gold, U.S. government bonds and bitcoin are concentrated as safe assets worldwide, the business performance of Korean blockchain companies has combined to have a huge impact on cryptocurrency investors,” said Blockcore, a blockchain investment company that has a large number of investment portfolios, including GroundX. “In addition, a number of cryptocurrency financial services such as stockings and loans have been launched in Korea, which are increasing the possibility of commercialization of cryptocurrency investment is also stimulated.”

On the other hand, some view the price increase as a temporary phenomenon. They say that long-term price increases are hard to expect unless there is a blockchain service that can be actually used, even if prices of cryptocurrency increase.

“There are few blockchain services that can be used in South Korea at the moment.” said a representative for a blockchain project.