Until the crash of the U.S. spy plane, Bitcoin playing with anxiety.

Bitcoin, which emerged as a safe asset like gold, is on the rise.

Until the crash of the U.S. spy plane, Bitcoin playing with anxiety.


The market for bitcoin is on the rise due to new cases of coronavirus infection and the crash of a U.S. military spy plane in Afghanistan.

According to “Coin Market Cap,” a global cryptocurrency market broadcasting website on Friday, Bitcoin is trading at 8,937 dollars, up 3.47 percent from the previous day. Compared to the transaction price of 7,176 U.S. dollars on Jan. 1 this year, the figure is up 24 percent.

Experts say concerns over the U.S. spy plane crash in Afghanistan earlier in the day and the alleged counterfeiting of Wuhan drove up the market price of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not under the control of the central government and is treated as a “value asset” like a kind of “gold” amid unstable circumstances.

A U.S. military reconnaissance plane carrying at least two U.S. troops crashed in Afghanistan on Wednesday, the Pentagon said. A U.S. military official said there was no sign of the plane being shot down and that it was likely a crash caused by its own airframe defect, but the Taliban claimed they had shot it down.

Bitcoin soared shortly after the U.S. shot dead Iranian military commander Gazem Solaymani on Tuesday. Bitcoin soared to 9.74 million won as Iran retaliated with a missile attack on a U.S. military base in Iraq on Tuesday. With the news of military confrontation from the Middle East continuing, the market for bitcoin has fluctuated greatly since the beginning of this year.

Some analysts say that Bitcoin is playing a role as a safe asset as the spread of the anti-Korean currency has accelerated worldwide, including in China. As of 3 a.m. on the same day, 17 regions including the U.S. and France were confirmed, with 2,821 confirmed cases and 82 dead (all Chinese).

The industry has been hearing rumors of a military confrontation between the U.S. and Iran since the beginning of this year, and the renewed bad news from the Middle East is affecting the rise of bitcoin. Analysts say that the spread of anti-Korean lung disease has fueled the market price increase in bitcoin.

“The stock market in New York is showing a big decline due to the unfair practices of the Korean currency and buying gold and government bonds,” a source in the Korean trading industry said. “In contrast, investors seem to be buying Bitcoin out of concern that the spread of the anti-Korean currency will have a bigger impact on the global economy.”